International Workshop on Computational Electronics (IWCE) covers all aspects of advanced
simulation of electronic transport and optoelectronic processes in semiconductors and
semiconductor devices based on both inorganic and organic materials. The scientific program
consists of invited lectures, contributed talks, and poster presentations. The workshop is held
in a single-session format and is intended to be an international forum for discussions on the
current trends and future directions in computational electronics. The emphasis of the
contributions is on the interdisciplinary aspects of computational electronics that touch physics,
engineering, applied mathematics, as well as chemistry and biology. Active participation of
graduate students, including student presentations, is strongly encouraged.

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1) Technology CAD
2) Semiclassical transport simulation techniques
3) Quantum transport simulation techniques
4) Ab-initio and atomistic simulations
5) Multiscale and multiphysics simulations
6) Low-dimensional nanostructures and novel semiconductor device architectures
7) Optical processes and optoelectronic devices; intersubband dynamics in nanostructures
8) Ultrafast optical and electronic phenomena
9) Molecular and organic electronics
10) Graphene and graphene-based nanostructures/devices

 Downtown Madison resides on the isthmus between Lakes Mendota (near) and Monona (far).
 At its narrowest point, the isthmus is about a kilometer wide.

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Abstract submission: January 27, 2012
Notification of acceptance: March 1, 2012
Registration open: March 1, 2012
Early registration deadline: April 23, 2012
Conference: May 22-25, 2012
Phonon school: May 21-22, 2012

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11) Simulation of thermal, thermoelectric, and electrothermal phenomena in nanostructures
12) Spin transport
13) Materials simulation for energy applications (other than thermoelectrics)


The conference will be held in Engineering Hall, 1415 Engineering Dr, Madison, WI 53705, USA


IWCE 2012 is accompanied by a two-day

School on Phonon Dynamics, Heat Transfer, and Thermoelectric Phenomena in Nanostuctures

May 21-22, 2012, College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Madison

More information about the Phonon School can be found here.