Proceedings of IWCE 2012 will be published electronically through IEEE Xplore.
You can eventually find it (and cite it) under the name
2012 15th International Workshop on Computational Electronics (IWCE)

An IEEE-compliant PDF of your paper should be
submitted by email to
no later than Thursday, June 21. This is a hard deadline.
(More information of how to ensure IEEE compliance will be given below)

Paper length is limited to 4 pages for contributed talks and posters, 6 pages for invited talks.

Option 1
. Use the IEEE Conference Proceedings templates. If you do so, we ask that you use US Letter paper format
and typeset the author names and affiliations in a single column (not double column as in the template). This change is performed trivially in MS Word
by changing to single column. In Latex,  just type all the author names within a single author block, all addresses within a single address block, and delete all the other
author blocks. Of course, match names with affiliations by using superscript symbols (+,*, etc.), letters (a, b, c...) or numbers (1, 2, 3...)

Option 2. You can build upon your IWCE abstract and use the abstract templates, but make sure your proceedings paper includes a brief abstract and place the figures where they belong in the text
(not at the end of the paper).

Ultimately, your proceedings paper layout should resemble this document. Feel free to use it as a template.

How to submit an IEEE-compliant PDF.
We have  created a PDF eXpress compliance check site for IWCE.
Detailed instructions on how to check for IEEE compliance of your PDF
can be found here.
 In a nutshell, you need to go to and enter Conference ID iwce12wkx, then your own email and password,
and then proceed as prompted. 

Tip: If the PDF you created is not PDF-compliant and you don't know what to do to fix it, submit a source file for conversion instead (.dvi for Latex documents or .doc for Word documents). This is a painless way to obtain an IEEE-compliant pdf.