All Student Travel Award applicants will automatically be considered for the Best Student Paper Award.
The same eligibility criteria and application instructions apply as for the Student Travel Award.
(If you are a student who fulfills the eligibility criteria and would like to be considered for the Best Student Paper Award
but NOT for the Student Travel Award, please  fill out the STA application and check the appropriate box near the bottom of the application form.)

The Best Student Award finalists will be chosen based on the ranking of the abstracts as well as the quality of the students' presentations at IWCE.
The finalists will be announced during the conference closing ceremony on Friday, May 25, 2012. The finalists will receive a Student Travel Award,
a copy of the book "Computational Electronics," by Vasileska, Goodnick, and Klimeck, and a commemorative plaque.

>> UPDATED JUNE 4, 2012<<

Outstanding Student Paper Award Recipients at IWCE 2012 were:

Matthias Yui-Hong Tan
Full-band Study of Ultra-thin Si:P Nanowires

Bozidar Novakovic
Modeling Transients in Nanostructures

Tue Gunst
Thermoelectric properties of finite graphene antidot lattices

Honorable mentions went to

Yaohua P. Tan
Generation of Empirical Tight Binding Parameters from ab-initio simulations
Nishant Sule
Simulation of high-frequency carrier dynamics in graphene

Parijat Sengupta
Full band electron band structure calculation with empirical tight binding for  topological insulators and broken gap devices

Po-Hao Chang
Edge currents in zigzag graphene nanoribbons and graphene-based topological insulator nanowires as a route toward high- ZT thermoelectrics

Darshana Wickramaratne
Layered dichalcogenides as efficient Thermoelectric Materials

Yanbing Shi
Thermal Modeling of GaAs/Al0.45Ga0.55As Quantum Cascade Lasers

Riccardo Soligo
Cellular Monte Carlo Study of DC and RF Performance Enhancement Through Access Region Scaling